Stirling Engine Videos

Homemade Stirling engine videos

This is a list of my favorite homemade handmade Stirling engine videos. I will continue to add videos as I find them. If you have a video that you would like me to review and possibly add to this gallery please Contact Me and with a link to your video.

I like to see Stirling engines incorporating common household items. As you watch these videos you’ll see the resourcefulness and ingenuity these Stirling engine builder have. I have listed many multi-cylinder Stirling engines on this page because I find them very inspirational.

But before I tackle a project like these I’m going to build a few more single cylinder engines first. I’ll most likely start with a gamma Stirling or a beta Stirling engine. I also have some ideas on an alpha type Stirling engine with no displacer.

I haven’t found any Stirling engine videos with a V style engine yet. I also want to find a good video on a rotary Stirling engine. I would like to include a few of these on this page. So if you know of any please send me the link. I hope to see this page grow into a high quality list of Stirling engine video.