Stirling Engine Kits

Stirling engine Kits and Models

Here is a collection of Stirling engine models and kits. They are all available at I’ve put together this page to make it easier for you to find them. Please be sure to read and understand the descriptions while you shop. I hope this will be a good resource for you when looking for your next Stirling engine project.

LTD Stirling Engines

Similar to a typical Stirling engine an LTD Stirling engine runs when one part of the engine is heated and another part is cooled. LTD is short for Low Temperature Differential. When a Stirling engine has a Low Temperature Differential it means that it can run when the warm side is not much warmer than the cool side. Put another way, the difference between the warm and cool side is very small. Some LTD engines can run on as little as 1/2° C.

Scientific & Educational Stirling Engine kits and Models

There are model Stirling engines that generate enough electricity to light an LED or drive a little toy car. A good example of this is that Thames and Kosmos Stirling engine model kit. You can also find other hobbyist level Stirling engine generators on Amazon and Ebay.

Stirling Engine Generators kits

Many model Stirling engines are sold as educational aids. Generally this type of model has a little DC motor and a drive belt. There are usually a few other sensors and connections to help students learn and understand how a Stirling engine generator works. The 3B Scientific U10052 Transparent Solar Stirling Engineis the type of model marketed to Schools and educators. They are usually too expensive for a hobbyist.

Stirling Engine Machined Kits by Grizzly

Grizzly makes a few different Stirling engine kits that need machining. If you’re up to the task of machining and cutting all of your parts Maybe even of of your own screws then you’ll like the Grizzly Stirling engine sets they offer. The sets start with just the stock and plans needed to make an engines. I have seen that there have been many successful builds. You can find finished Grizzly projects in the Stirling engine forums and on Youtube.