Barumman’s Stirling cycle engine video on the Philips MP1002 CA

Philips MP1002 CA a Stirling cycle engine

In this video Barumman talks about the Philips Stirling cycle engine generator he purchased from a local technical college.

It was used as an educational aid to help represent various aspects of thermodynamics. It was purchases in 1961 and was in in storage for many years. He managed to buy it “at a very reasonable rate.”.

This Philips MP1002 CA Stirling cycle engine was in fairly good condition when he acquired it. There were very few repairs necessary to get it up and running. Just a few rubber seals and some of the epoxy resin sealant needed replacing. He has another video with slides of the work he did to it to get it running again. You can see more of his videos by following the link provided at the end of this article.

The Philips MP1002 CA has a working pressure higher than atmospheric pressure. The unit in this video has a starting pressure at about 200 p.s.i. and a running pressure of about 160 p.s.i..

The generator operates at 220 volts and about 200 watts.

It runs on Kerosene fuel that is atomized and injected into the external combustion chamber.

The exterior handles have two uses. They are used for transporting and carrying the unit and for an air tank to hold working fluid for the Stirling cycle engine.

The Philips MP1002 CA a Stirling cycle engine was originally designed and manufactured to power radio equipment.

Quote from the Video Description:

"PHILIPS MP1002 CA in near original condition Beta configuration, bellcrank linkage."

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