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Simple Soda Can Stirling Engine

Simple Soda Can Stirling Engine

This is the first Soda can Stirling engine that I built. The soda can Stirling engine is a great place to start if you want to build a Stirling engine. The design is inexpensive and quick to build. This Stirling engine is a Gamma configuration.

Video of my first Soda Can Stirling engine

The Gamma Stirling varies slightly from the Beta Stirling. It has two cylinders, one for the power piston and one for the displacer. The power piston’s cylinder is along side of the cylinder that houses the displacer piston. The gas moves through a small port between the two cylinders. The power piston and the displacer are often connected by the flywheel. Some use a regenerator and some don’t.

Soda can Stirling Engine Plans

You can find plans to build this Stirling in Jim Larsen’s Quick and Easy Stirling Engine.

More to come on the DIY Stirling Engine YouTube Channel

Soda can Stirling engine by DiyStirlingGuy

The DIY Stirling Engine channel on YouTube. The name of the channel is DiyStirlingGuy. I would like to build some LTD Stirling engines and a free piston Stirling soon.

Jim Larsen’s YouTube Channel

This soda can Stirling engine is following  Jim Larsen’s design in his book “Quick and Easy Stirling Engine”.  You can see more on Jim Larsen’s Youtube channel.