1200 rpm Stirling engine by Approtechie

Very fast homemade 1200 rpm Stirling engine

1200 rpm Stirling engine

This little Stirling is for the lack of a better term KICK ASS! Approtechie is the only garage inventor that I’ve seen with a simply built 1200 rpm Stirling engine!

If you search through the thousands of Stirling engine videos on YouTube you’ll find a large variety of engines most of which are struggling to run. This little engine has no problem running. When it starts it looks eager to run.

It’s heated with an alcohol burner and has an external water cooler that uses little submersible water pump. The power piston is a flexible membrane and the displacer is Stainless steel wool. The steel wool allows the displacer to double as a regenerator. Friction is reduced with the use of ball bearings in the crank shaft assembly.

I’m very impressed with this little Stirling. Very inspirational! I’ve included links to Approtechie’s YouTube channel at the end of the post. His channel has this 1200 rpm Stirling engine and many other great little inventions.

Quote from the Video Description:

"I’ve upgraded my little testbed Stirling engine with ball bearings on the crank, stainless steel wool displacer/regenerator firmly fastened in place, a safer alcohol burner, and external water cooling from a tiny submersible pump. The result is a fast little engine with a good bit of power and torque (as yet unmeasured). This engine has been used a lot and is getting to the end of it’s useful life, but the next gen engine is in the works."

More of Approtechie’s Videos

1200 rpm Stirling engine by Approtechie

You can find more of Approtechie’s videos including his 1200 rpm Stirling engine at his Technology for Development YouTube Channel. His ingenious engines and inventions are fun and interesting.