10 watt DIY Stirling engine By Approtechie

Approtechie’s 10 Watt DIY Stirling engine

10 Watt DIY Stirling engine

Approtechie has made some really captivating Stirling engines. In this video he is testing his 10 watt DIY Stirling engine. The top speed measured during the test was 1685 RPM.

I think this beta type Stirling engine is faster than his other gamma type engines. At least the engines I’ve seen on his YouTube Channel.

1685 rpm 10-watt DIY Stirling engine video

I would love to build one of these. He uses Bunsen burner with propane as fuel and a cooling jacket containing water as a coolant. It looks as though he’s using a small water pump to circulate the water.

I would like to see how it would perform if it were pumping it’s own coolant. I think it has more than enough power to run a pump and charge a battery. I also think it could be possible for this little beta to run lighting too.

Quote from the Video Description:

"I’ve been working to raise the speed of this little engine and checking that it will cope with the increased stresses. This video shows that it can take it. I’m running it on a Bunsen burner hooked to a propane bottle to be able to run the heater head red hot. Water is circulating through the cooling jacket from a tiny pump. I had cut the base off so placed steel wool pads under the legs to absorb any vibrations. I’m pretty pleased with how this engine is doing and I’m thinking it’s about maxed out. Next step – to measure the power output. [Update: max power = 10.4 watts @ 1000 rpm, measured on the shaft; Max torque = 1.06 lb-in. @ 540 rpm]"

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10 watt DIY Stirling engine

You can find more of Approtechie’s videos including his 10 watt DIY Stirling engine at his Technology for Development YouTube Channel. His ingenious engines and inventions are fun and interesting. His creations are build in

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